Fortune-Teller Azalea

Expert in Tarot. Original fortune-telling with your name and birthday. About Love, Dream, Business.
♦︎Omotenashi Style Face-to Face Tarot Therapy
Private room in Ginza, Tokyo
Reservation Only

♦︎Hexagram Star Origami Workshop Event
Held once a month. Reservation Only
¥1,000 (Now Online Zoom Event Only)
Hexagram Origami brings you to dreams come true. You can have it always with you as Omamori; it is like a Japanese traditional power charm.

♦︎Tarot by E-mail
Please mail me what you want to consult. I will tell you what Tarot says in about 1〜3 days.
¥10,000yen (50minites)
Add 5,000yen to predict any specific person
30,000yen to pray for good fortune
How to pay;
Sorry. Credit Card Form will be sited soon.
If you want to use Credit Card, please use this Web site (Japanese Web Site “Coconala” ).

About Kouyou-kan

GINZA, Chou-Ward, Tokyo